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BoofCV has been entirely developed by myself (Peter Abeles) and is based off my experience in developing computer vision and robotic solutions over the past 10+ years or so. The main motivation for this work is to create the tools that I wish I always wish I had in my preferred development environment. I hope to create a fast and easy to use computer vision library which is stable and relatively bug free. Java was selected for development because it's a much easier language to maintain large projects. Primarily due to the high quality of its development tools, which are still years ahead of anything out there in C/C++. While the ability to refactor and change the code's fundamental structure isn't unique to tools in Java, it actually works very well. That can't be said for C++ where every tool I have tried likes to occasionally destroy the code base after a refactor.

Most of BoofCV's development is self supported. In recent years I've been luck enough to find employers who are supportive of open source software. Contributions of any type are welcomed!

Organizations Contribution
Romotive Current Employeer and allows code to be donated!
Ihmc-logo.png Supported several new features, like object tracking.
Logo intellij idea.jpg The best IDE ever created. Sponsor.


BoofCV leverages several other libraries.

Other Libraries

No one lives in a vacume and here's a list of other computer vision websites I've found useful.