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Change Log

Date  : 2015/11/09 Version : Alpha 0.20

  • Improved pose stability of calibration targets as fiducials
    • Turns out they were using a linear estimate only
    • Now uses EPnP followed by a few steps of non-linear refinement
  • PerspectiveOps.createIntrinsic() which creates intrinsic parameters from a known FOV and image shape
  • New WebcamInterface and some examples now can run on your webcam
    • Requires WebcamCapture
  • ExamplePointFeatureTracker has colorized points to make it easier to identify the same point
  • Polygon Detector
    • Simplified code by removing requirement the CW/CCW must be known by helper classes
  • BinaryPolygonConvexDetector
    • Much improved performance on non-square like shapes
    • Stability is much better on very small shapes
  • Merged data/applet and data/evaluation together
    • Renamed to data/examples
  • Renamed package boofcv/evaluations to boofcv/demonstrations
    • It no longer served as a place for benchmarks
  • VisualizeBinaryData
    • Marked buffered image as dirty when rendering a labeled image
  • Removed Processing from project
    • Might spawn into its own project if there is more interest in the future
  • Binary Thresholding
    • Created a generic config class which supports all current types
  • Square Fiducial Generator App
    • no longer defaults to a page border of 1cm
    • page border is actually user configurable
    • border and white border are correctly handled
  • Square Binary Fiducial
    • Can now handle grids with arbtirary widths!
      • Thanks Nathan Pahucki for submitting this pull request
    • The width of the border can now be adjusted too
  • Moved PyBoof to it's own repository at
    • It will be update on its own cycle
  • Chessboard Detector
    • Improved stability especially for slightly blurred images
  • PointTrackerKltPyramid
    • Fixed uninitialized variable in one of the constructors. Thanks ericbhatti
    • Change it from two constructors down to one constructor
  • Created built in class for removing perspective distortion
    • RemovePerspectiveDistortion
  • Partially observable calibration targets are now supported
    • Mathematically at least. Targets which can be partially observed are not supported yet
  • ConvertBufferedImage.stripAlphaChannel()
    • Can be used to ensure that an alpha channel is not in the buffered image
    • Inspired by an issue pete-experimenter had
  • Renamed FiducialDetector to FiducialPoseDetector
    • Done to accommodate fiducials in which you don't care about the pose
  • Morphological Thinning has been fixed and tweaked
    • Thanks Emil Hellman who first pointed out the issue and helped solve/improve the implementation
  • Locally adaptive threshold techniques that had a bias term now have a scale term.
    • Much more useful since bias was intensity and value range dependent