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Change Log

Date  : 2016/01/24

Version : Alpha 0.21

  • Scale-Space Features
    • getScale() has been replaced with getRadius(), which refers to the radius of the detected object
  • SURF
    • Fixed a bug dealing with gradient calculation and improved stability for very small objects
    • Exposed an inner parameter. You can now change the kernel size increment between scales
  • WebcamTrackFiducial renamed to FiducialDetection
    • Can now process more inputs sources; still images, videos, and webcams.
    • Output to a file is a possibility
  • Renamed SurfFeature to BrightFeature
    • Used by SURF and SIFT, so the name was made more generic
  • SIFT
    • Complete rewrite of detector and descriptor
    • Very similar to original paper by Lowe
    • One difference is the use of quadratic interpolation instead of the overly complex thing that Lowe proposed
  • Dense SIFT
    • Optimized code for computing dense descriptors at a fixed scale in a grid across the entire image
  • Black polygon detector
    • can now handle features along image border
    • fixed a couple of bugs inside refine function too
    • improved false positive rejection (e.g. squarish bright lights)
  • Square Fiducials
    • Threshold is now done using the average of pixel intensity along the fiducial border
    • Image border is used to remove false positives
  • Change / Clarified behavior of non-maximum suppression classes
    • Border refers to the border around the image in which extremes cannot be found
    • A pixel inside the border can have a value larger than one inside the image and prevent it from being considered an extreme
  • FactoryPlanarCalibrationTarget renamed to FactoryCalibrationTarget
  • Improved visualization in ShapeFitContourApp
  • ConvertImage
    • Interleaved to MultiSpectral
    • MultiSpectral to Interleaved
    • Any single band into into ImageUInt8 with the specified pixel value range
  • Chessboard detector
    • Links squares together using corners instead of two independently detected grids
    • Can now detect targets in which the outer squares have been clipped by the image's border
  • Square Grid Detector
    • Changed how the pattern is specified. Based on black squares now
  • DetectLineHoughPolar
    • Fixed issue were a strict non-maximum was used when a non-strict was needed, causing valid lines to be discarded
  • WebcamCapture
    • Provided an easy to use function that allows you to open devices by their /dev name
  • Image Thresholding: LocalSquareBlockMinMax Added
    • Breaks the image up into a grid and computes the min and max pixel value, which is used to compute a threshold
    • Enabled the detection of black objects partially outside the view
    • Is very fast
  • Android
    • Will automatically detect if image needs to be rotated 180 degrees and then does it. Needed for the Nexus 5x