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Date  : 2016/03/27

Version : 0.23

  • Refactored image data structure names for consistency and brevity
    • Sorry for the massive refactoring
    • ImageUInt8 -> GrayU8
    • MultiSpectral -> Planar
    • Interleaved is unchanged
  • Removed Alpha from version name since it was pointless and non-informative
    • Will hit 1.0 once a (good) face detector is added
  • Updated dense descriptor configurations to include a default sampling period
    • SIFT, Fast SURF, Stable SURF
  • FactoryDescribeImageDense
    • Now accepts null for configuration and creates a default
  • FactoryOrientation
    • SIFT now accepts a null argument. Thanks pcmoen for pointing out this bug.
  • ImplOrientationImageAverageIntegral
    • Fixed internal null pointer exception
    • Fixed bad unit test
    • Thanks pcmoen for pointing out this bug
  • Hamming Distance
    • New algorithm from Sean Eron Anderson Bit Twiddling Hack
    • 68 times faster than equivalent older code
    • 8 times faster than a lookup table!
    • Thanks pcmoen for finding this gem and the pull request
  • FactoryDerivative
    • Deleted type-specific functions
  • BorderType.VALUE is now ZERO because it always defaulted to zero