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Change Log

Date Format: year/month/day

Date  : 2011/12/01 Version : Alpha 0.2

  • Added integer polynomial interpolation
    • Cleaned up polynomial interpolation code
  • Fixed bug in PixelMath.bound() dealing with unsigned images
  • Converting to a BufferedImage now marks it as modified
  • Added min and max pixel values to ImageTypeInfo
  • Added ComplexMath
  • Added PolynomialSolver
  • Added process(image) to PointSequentialTracker and renamed it to ImagePointTracker
  • Added the following 3D vision code:
    • Linear 8-point essential/fundamental matrix
    • Linear 7-point essential/fundamental matrix
    • Linear 4-point homography
    • Extract camera motion from essential
    • Extract camera and plane normal from homography
    • Triangulate: Linear pixel depth
    • Projective N Point (PNP): Linear N >= 6
  • Added non-linear optimizer based upon Levenberg-Marquardt
  • Added pixel region based descriptors
    • Raw pixel values
    • Normalized Cross Correlation (NCC)
  • Added pixel region based trackers
  • Added Sum of Absolute Difference (SAD) score for feature association with a few different descriptor types.

Date  : 2011/11/01 Version : Alpha 0.1

  • Initial public release