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Bounties are an opportunity to get a little bit of money while helping out the development of BoofCV and the community as a whole. Anyone [1] can submit code they own and donate it to the project for one of the tasks below. If the code is accepted you will get the bounty! Each bounty is broken up into two amounts, base and bonus. The base is the amount you will receive no matter what if you complete the task and the code is accepted. The bonus is a variable amount that is decided based on the quality of the code and how much time was required to integrate it in.


Bounties: Infrastructure

Task Base Max Bonus
Generate Webpage Javadoc with Gradle $50 $20
Improvements to Example/Demonstration Application $100 $50
Website for Generating Fiducials and Calibration targets $100 $50
Improve 3D Point Cloud Viewer $100 $50

Bounties: Algorithms

Task Base Max Bonus
AruCo markers in BoofCV Leveraging Existing $100 $50
Improve Supervised Watershed $100 $50
Improved Image Stitching $100 $50
GMM Based Background Model $100 $50
People Detector $100 $50
Face Detector $100 $50

Code Requirements

To qualify for the award you must meet all the requirements specified in the project description and when applicable the following is also required. Code might be accepted even if it doesn't meet all of the "requirements". If that does happen then the bonus amount is likely to be reduced or removed completely.

  • All submitted code must have unit tests
  • Unit tests should take at most 50ms to complete each
    • Current unit tests take on average 10ms each
  • Algorithms must be integrated into existing regression tests in ValidationBoof or have new ones created
    • Regression tests for speed and stability will be required
  • Code must minimize the creation of new memory and should recycle memory as much as possible
    • Ask for examples if you aren't sure how to do this


  • Use of existing internal functionality is highly encouraged
    • Don't reinvent the wheel unless there is a good reason
    • Ask if you don't know if that capability exists already!
  • Adding new external libraries is discouraged and will need to be justified
    • We like to keep BoofCV as small as possible
    • Getting external developers to fix bugs is often a tedious procedure and slows down development



  • Awardee, refers to the person receiving the bounty
  • Award, refers to the amount of money award for completing a bounty.

Qualification and Submission

  • To qualify for a bounty you must submit a pull request on GitHub against the latest SNAPSHOT of BoofCV with your code
  • The pull request must specify which bounty it is for and who will receive the award
  • All of the code included with the pull request must be owned by you
  • Before it can be accepted the copyright/ownership of the code must be transferred over to the BoofCV project
  • The code is considered accepted once it has been merged into the master repository on GitHub
  • Transferring of ownership over to BoofCV project involves the following:
    • The code will be released publicly under the open source licensed used by BoofCV at the time
      • Which is Apache 2.0 at the time of this writing
    • Since BoofCV is not a legal entity the code will be owned by Peter Abeles
    • In the future the code may be transferred to another individual or group (e.g. BoofCV becomes a registered non-profit)
    • The license can only be changed to an open source license approved by the Open Source Initiative in the future

Awarding of a Bounty

  • All bounties are specified in US dollars
  • No bounty will be awarded more than once
  • Only one individual can receive a bounty
    • If multiple individuals contributed it is up to them to decide who will receive the payment
  • After code has been accepted an individual qualifies to receive the award
    • The award is specified on the wiki Bounties page
    • Only award amounts set by Peter Abeles are valid
    • The final award amount will be the base award plus the bonus
    • The amount of bonus will vary between $0 and the maximum specified on the bounties webpage
  • Bounties will be awarded to an individual when it is legal to do so within the US and their home country
  • A bounty will be award using PayPal
  • The awardee has 30 days from the date of acceptance to fix any issues with payment
  • If a bounty cannot be sent to an individual due to legality or inability to receive money transfers through PayPal a donation will be made in their name to a charity in the list below for amount of the award