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What are Bounties?

Bounties are an opportunity to get a little bit [1] of money while helping out the development of BoofCV and the community as a whole. Anyone can participate [2] and if the submission is accepted your work will be added to BoofCV and you will get the bounty! Each bounty is broken up into two amounts, base and bonus. The base is the amount you will receive no matter what if you submission is accepted. The bonus is a variable amount that is decided based on the submission's overall quality and how well it meets all the requirements.

It's advised that you publicly announce on BoofCV's message board that you're working on a bounty and provide a link to your project page. This is a collaboration not a competition in the end! Feel free to place comments in the bounty's Google Doc description for clarifications.

Submission Process
  1. Select bounty from list and read rules
  2. (Suggested) Announce intent to work on bounty
  3. Write code or complete non-coding task for bounty
  4. Submit work for review
  5. Fix issues found during the review and resubmit
  6. If accepted:
Wanted dead alive.jpg

[1] The bounties are paid out of pocket and are not intended to compete with what you would get for a commercial contract in the US. Think of it as a nice bonus for a hobby of yours. They are also significantly more than most open source bounties as is.
[2] Read the rules below. There are rare exceptions.

Bounties: Infrastructure

Task Max Award Base
Tutorials, Examples, Projects ??? ???
Increase Concurrency of Gradle Build Without Changing Published Jars ??? ???
Website for Generating Fiducials and Calibration targets $300 $200
DeepBoof: Load Caffe Models $450 $300
Assisted Calibration in ROS $250 $200

Awards are specified in USD. Max award is the base amount plus the maximum bonus.

[*] The base award is awarded through BountySource

Bounties: Algorithms

Task Max Award Base
Create Vectorized Low Level Image Processing ??? ???
Barcode Reader ??? ???
Damaged QR Code Detector ??? ???
Implementation of "Fast global image smoothing based on weighted least squares" ??? ???
Improve Supervised Watershed $200 $150
Improved Image Stitching $275 $150
DeepBoof: 40% Speed Improvement to Convolution Code $250 $250
40% Speed Improvement to 1D and 2D Image Convolution $250 $250
Unroll Convolution for Interlaced Images $200 $125
Convolution Runtime Regression Tests $50 $50
GMM Background Model $200 $150

Awards are specified in USD. Max award is the base amount plus the maximum bonus.

[*] The base award is awarded through BountySource

Code Requirements

Code submitted to a bounty needs to meet applicable requirements below for quality control purposes. Failure to meet a requirement will be pointed out in the code review. Minor issues are likely to be allowed but will affect your bonus.

  • All submitted code must have good unit test coverage
  • Unit tests should take at most 50ms to complete each
    • Current unit tests take on average 10ms each, shoot for 2ms or less
  • When applicable, provide a usage example with example data
  • All code and comments must be in English
  • All code must be in pure Java unless specified otherwise
  • No merge conflict with latest SNAPSHOT
  • All unit tests must pass
  • Maximize use of existing internal functionality
    • Not sure if a capability already exists? Ask!
  • Adding new external libraries is discouraged and will need to be justified
  • Code should minimize the creation of new memory and use a single thread


Effective as of January 3, 2017


  • Awardee, refers to the person receiving the bounty
  • Award, refers to the amount of money award for completing a bounty.
  • Internal Bounty, A bounty which involve submitting and donating new code for integration into BoofCV
  • External Bounty, A bounty which does not involve adding code to BoofCV
  • Maintainers, see list of people here.


Submission for Internal Bounties Internal bounties involve adding new code to BoofCV and related projects.

  • To qualify for a bounty you must submit a pull request on GitHub against the latest SNAPSHOT of BoofCV with your code
    • The pull request must specify which bounty it is for and who will receive the award
    • Donating code without declaring intent for a bounty voids your claim for any bounties as a result of that code donation
  • All of the code included with the pull request must be owned by you
  • Code's copyright formust be reassigned
    • The code will be released publicly under an Apache 2.0 license
    • Copyright will be transferred over to Peter Abeles, see Donating to BoofCV for why
    • Your name/organization will be listed as an author after donating
  • The code is considered accepted once it has been merged into the master repository on GitHub
  • Final acceptance of a submission is at the sole discretion of BoofCV's maintainer

Submission for External Bounties External submissions are for modifications external to the main code base.

  • Please see the Google Doc description for how to complete the task as each one is different
  • Examples:
    • Fixing code in another project and getting the patch accepted
    • Creating and hosting a website while making the code publicly available
    • Creating your own project and releasing it as an independent open source project hosted publicly


This section describes how the bounty will be awarded.

  • After the code has been accepted the submitter qualifies to receive the award
    • See submission above for what it means for a submision to be 'accepted'
  • The amount of the award is specified on the wiki's Bounties page
    • If the award amount on the page changes then the largest award after the earliest of the following events will be used:
      • Announcement of intent to pursue the bounty by awardee on BoofCV message board
      • Submission of the pull request with qualifying code
    • Mistakes happen and type-os may or may not be honored. Please let us know if you see anything that looks suspicious!
    • The final award amount will be the base award plus the bonus
    • The amount of bonus will vary between $0 and the maximum specified on the bounties webpage
  • Bounties will be awarded to an individual when it is legal to do so within the US and their home country
    • Void where prohibited
  • The awardee is responsible for all taxes and fees associated with the receipt of the award
  • All bounties are specified in US dollars
  • No bounty will be awarded more than once
    • If multiple qualified submissions are received then the time stamp of the e-mail/pull request that announces completion will be used
  • Only one individual can receive a bounty
    • If multiple individuals contributed it is up to them to decide who will receive the payment and distribute it to the group
    • If no agreement can be reached then the person who created the first repository will receive the award
  • A bounty will be award using PayPal and/or bountysource
  • If the bounty is cross posted to bountysource then a portion of the award will be collected from there.
  • The awardee has 45 days from the date of pull request acceptance to fix any issues with receipt of award
  • Falsifying time stamps or other attempts to mislead will result in the forfeiture of all bounties
  • If a bounty cannot be sent to an individual the individual may select from the charities listed below for a donation to be made in their name or they may forfeit the award.