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* [https://youtu.be/qMTtdiujAtQ?t=559 video demonstration of command-line]
* [https://youtu.be/qMTtdiujAtQ?t=559 Video demonstration of command-line]
* [https://youtu.be/ video demonstration of GUI <-- CREATE THIS]
* [https://youtu.be/TGg-xgTyaU8?t=604 Video demonstration of GUI Application]
== Downloadable Targets ==
== Downloadable Targets ==

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Creating Your Own

BoofCV provides an application for generating your own custom calibration target. You can size the pattern for your specific application on any sized paper. First you need to build the applications, see below:

cd boofcv/applications
gradle applicationsJar
java -jar applications.jar CreateCalibrationTarget

The last line above will run the application with no arguments. This will print out up to date instructions. At the end of the instructions are examples for each target type on letter sized paper. If you wish to have a GUI when creating your calibration target add the --GUI flag. The GUI doesn't have all the options which the commandline has.

java -jar applications.jar CreateCalibrationTarget --GUI

Downloadable Targets

Printable Calibration Targets: US Standard Paper
Link Target Type Paper Size Shape Square/Circle Size
Calibration letter chessboard 7x5.png Chessboard Letter 7 by 5 3cm
Calibration letter squaregrid 5x4.png Square Grid Letter 5 by 4 w=3cm s=2cm
link=http://boofcv.org/notwiki/calibration/letter_circlehex.pdf Link Circle Hexagonal Grid Letter 20 by 24 diam=1cm, d=1.5cm
link=http://boofcv.org/notwiki/calibration/letter_circlegrid.pdf Link Circle Regular Grid Letter 17 by 12 diam=1cm, d=1.5cm
Printable Calibration Targets: Metric
Link Target Type Paper Size Shape Square/Circle Size
Calibration A4 chessboard 9x6.png Chessboard A4 9 by 6 3cm
Calibration A4 squaregrid.png Square Grid A4 6 by 4 w=3cm s=1.5cm
link=http://boofcv.org/notwiki/calibration/A4_circlehex.pdf Link Circle Hexagonal Grid A4 20 by 24 diam=1cm, d=1.5cm
link=http://boofcv.org/notwiki/calibration/A4_circlegrid.pdf Link Circle Regular Grid A4 18 by 12 diam=1cm, d=1.5cm
  • Shape for chessboard includes black and white squares
  • Shape for square grid is only the black squares

Failure to do so will cause intrinsic parameters to be off by a scale-factor. Measure with a ruler to make sure each square is 30mm wide