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Ways to Contribute

BoofCV is an open source project and in order for it to grow its users need contribute to the project! Even if you don't know computer vision or how to program there are many ways you can contribute.

  1. Report bugs!
  2. Spread the word!
    • Social Media (e.g. blogs, twitter, facebook, linkedin)
    • Write articles demonstrating how to do stuff in BoofCV (e.g. Code Project)
    • Positive Reviews (e.g. Play Store, Source Forge)
  3. Submit fixes on Github for code and javadoc errors
  4. Implement the following:
    • Sparse Bundle Adjustment
    • Background Subtraction
    • Multi view scene reconstruction (calibrated and uncalibrated)
    • Scene recognition
    • Face Detection
    • People Detection
    • License Plate Detection
    • Face Recognition
  5. Android
  6. JCodec
    • Get it working and start converting movies into standard formats, when appropriate
  7. Take a look at Aparapi to see if using a GPU can speed up any of the code.
  8. Continuous integration using Bamboo
  9. Validate the correctness of algorithms
  10. Clean up the Wiki
  11. Wavelets
    1. Arbitrary length Coiflet coefficients
    2. Arbitrary length Daub coefficients
    3. Verify that Biorthogonal Daub is buggy and fix
    4. Don't add any addition jar file requires for wavelet tasks
  12. Suggesting ways to improve the API.
  13. Create a system for runtime regression tests