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Obtaining SNAPSHOT Code

BoofCV is developed in parallel with a few other projects. If you plan to use the BoofCV SNAPSHOT your life will be easier if you also install those other projects. Here's a mindless script that does just that.

git clone -b SNAPSHOT
git clone -b SNAPSHOT
git clone -b SNAPSHOT
git clone -b SNAPSHOT
git clone -b SNAPSHOT --recursive boofcv

Now build and install all these libraries. Hopefully none of the SNAPSHOTs contain build errors...

cd ejml;git pull;./gradlew autogenerate;./gradlew install;cd ..
cd ddogleg;git pull;./gradlew install;cd ..
cd GeoRegression;git pull;./gradlew autogenerate;./gradlew install;cd ..
cd DeepBoof;git pull;./gradlew install;cd ..
cd boofcv;git pull;./gradlew install;cd ..

Validation Boof

Validation Boof are were regression tests are stored along with performance benchmarks. This is only needed if you plan on doing algorithm development.

git clone -b SNAPSHOT