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Android Benchmark Application

On the Google play store a free application called "Android Benchmark" is available for download. That application is a diagnostic tool to measure BoofCV's performance on your device and to verify that everything is working correctly. The user can select between several different speed benchmarks and a visual verification of images converted between Android's Bitmap and BoofCV image types.

Android Benchmark App

Scores next to each benchmark shown in the main menu represent the speed relative to a Samsung Galaxy SIII phone, where a score of 100 is identical. The micro benchmark used to compute these results is designed to minimize the variance between tests, but there will still be a significant variance. Typically this variance is around 5%, but a 20% is not entirely unexpected.

To run a benchmark simply click on the appropriate button. A more detailed description of the benchmark will appear with a start button. Press the start button to begin the benchmark. Results are displayed as they are computed. To the left is the operation being tested and to the right is the time to complete a single operation in milliseconds.

Visual verification of images conversion is done by converting from the Android Bitmap to BoofCV and back to Bitmap. The results are shown in the visual verification window and you can switch between different image types. The expected results are shown above. To achieve reasonable performance BoofCV uses low level access to data structures Android does not intend developers to use, so this type of verification is essential.

After you have run all the benchmarks on your Android device, please submit the results so that they can be examined and used to improve BoofCV. Results are submitted by clicking on the options menu, see image above.