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Re: 'Does anyone care if the applets are deleted?'

Personally I haven't been able to get them to run. The Java plugin is/was disabled for all my browsers (Safari, FIrefox and Chrome) on OS 10.10.5 and even after jumping through hoops to reenable it, I couldn't work around the expired certificate. It would appear that the easiest way to test out the Boof applets is to clone the github repo and use the Java Applet Runner locally. I appreciate that there is highly focused demonstration/example code for experimentation but sadly the reality is that applets are deader than flash. Is the applet runner workflow easy/accessible enough to be useful for a casual visitor ? I don't know..

I'm starting to shift over to more traditional Java applications. Will be a bit before I axe the Applet code completely. This will make it a hell of a lot easier to deal with things like videos and webcams.

Face tracking and keypoint detection

Is it possible to track face with BoofCV and key point of the face ?