Interface ScoreAssociation<Desc>

Type Parameters:
Desc - Feature description type.
All Known Subinterfaces:
ScoreAssociateEuclideanSq<Desc>, ScoreAssociateSad<Desc>
All Known Implementing Classes:
ScoreAssociateCorrelation, ScoreAssociateEuclidean_F64, ScoreAssociateEuclideanSq.F32, ScoreAssociateEuclideanSq.F64, ScoreAssociateHamming_B, ScoreAssociateNccFeature, ScoreAssociateSad.F32, ScoreAssociateSad.F64, ScoreAssociateSad.S8, ScoreAssociateSad.U8

public interface ScoreAssociation<Desc>
Scores the fit quality between two feature descriptions. A lower score always indicate a better match a larger one. Thus scoreA < scoreB will return true if scoreA is a better score than scoreB. The range of possible scores is not specified by this interface. For example, correlation based scores can take on both positive and negative values while Euclidean will always be positive or zero. NOTES: To ensure that lower is better, correlation scores undergo a sign flip.
  • Method Details

    • score

      double score(Desc a, Desc b)
      Compute the fit score between the two features. A better fit score will have a lower value.
      a - first feature
      b - second feature
      Quality of fit score. Lower is better.
    • getScoreType

      MatchScoreType getScoreType()
      Specifies the type of score which is returned.
      Type of association score.
    • getDescriptorType

      Class<Desc> getDescriptorType()
      The type of description it can score