Class ConfigSurfDescribe

All Implemented Interfaces:
Configuration, Serializable
Direct Known Subclasses:
ConfigSurfDescribe.Fast, ConfigSurfDescribe.Stability

public abstract class ConfigSurfDescribe extends Object implements Configuration
Abstract base class for SURF implementations. Use child classes to specify a specific implementation.
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  • Field Details

    • widthLargeGrid

      public int widthLargeGrid
      Number of sub-regions wide the large grid is. Typically 4
    • widthSubRegion

      public int widthSubRegion
      Number of sample points wide a sub-region is. Typically 5
    • widthSample

      public double widthSample
      The width of a sample point in pixels. Used to scale the descriptor sample region's width. Typically 3
    • useHaar

      public boolean useHaar
      If true the Haar wavelet will be used. If false means image gradient.
  • Constructor Details

    • ConfigSurfDescribe

      public ConfigSurfDescribe()
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