Class ConfigSiftDetector

All Implemented Interfaces:
Configuration, Serializable

public class ConfigSiftDetector extends Object implements Configuration
Configuration for SiftDetector
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  • Field Details

    • extract

      public ConfigExtract extract
      Configures non-maximum feature detector across the image
    • maxFeaturesPerScale

      public int maxFeaturesPerScale
      The maximum number of features it can detect in a single scale. Useful if you want to prevent high frequency features from dominating. If ≤ 0 then it will have no limit.
    • maxFeaturesAll

      public int maxFeaturesAll
      Maximum number of features it will return in total. If ≤ 0 then it will have no limit.
    • selector

      public ConfigSelectLimit selector
      Approach used to select features when more than the maximum have been detected
    • edgeR

      public double edgeR
      Threshold used to remove edge responses. Larger values means its less strict. Try 10
  • Constructor Details

    • ConfigSiftDetector

      public ConfigSiftDetector()
    • ConfigSiftDetector

      public ConfigSiftDetector(int maxFeaturesPerScale)
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