Class ConfigAverageIntegral

All Implemented Interfaces:
ConfigOrientation, Configuration, Serializable

public class ConfigAverageIntegral extends Object implements ConfigOrientation
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  • Field Details

    • objectRadiusToScale

      public double objectRadiusToScale
      How to convert the radius to the internal canonical scale. Can be used to adjust how big or small the region is.
    • radius

      public int radius
      Radius of the region being considered in terms of samples. Typically 6.
    • samplePeriod

      public double samplePeriod
      How often the image is sampled. This number is scaled. Typically 1.
    • sampleWidth

      public int sampleWidth
      How wide of a kernel should be used to sample. Try 6
    • weightSigma

      public double weightSigma
      Sigma for weighting. zero for unweighted. less than zero for automatic. Try -1.
  • Constructor Details

    • ConfigAverageIntegral

      public ConfigAverageIntegral(int radius, double samplePeriod, int sampleWidth, double weightSigma)
    • ConfigAverageIntegral

      public ConfigAverageIntegral()
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