Class ConfigChessboardX

All Implemented Interfaces:
Configuration, Serializable

public class ConfigChessboardX extends Object implements Configuration
Calibration parameters for chessboard style calibration grid.
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  • Field Details

    • detNonMaxRadius

      public int detNonMaxRadius
      Size of a corner in the corner detector. 1 is recommended in general. 2 or higher can be used to run faster if the image quality and the apparent target size is large.
    • detNonMaxThresholdRatio

      public double detNonMaxThresholdRatio
      Non-maximum threshold relative to maximum x-corner intensity. 0 to 1, inclusive
    • detRefinedXCornerThreshold

      public double detRefinedXCornerThreshold
      After the initial candidate x-corners have been found a more accurate x-corner intensity is computed which doesn't compromise as much for speed. If the refined intensity is less than this value it will be discarded.
    • detPyramidTopSize

      public int detPyramidTopSize
      The minimum allowed size for the top most layer in the pyramid. size = min(width,height). To have only one layer in the pyramid at the same resolution as the input set this to a value of ≤ 0
    • connEdgeThreshold

      public double connEdgeThreshold
      Relative threshold for two corners being connected. The edge between them must have sufficient intensity. The definition of sufficient is based on the contrast of the two x-corners.
    • connDirectionTol

      public double connDirectionTol
      How similar the direction of two corners relative to each other need to be. 0 to 1. Higher is more tolerant
    • connOrientationTol

      public double connOrientationTol
      How similar two corner orientations need to be
    • connAmbiguousTol

      public double connAmbiguousTol
      Ratio used to decide if two corners are spatially close enough to each other to be considered as the same corner.
    • connMaxNeighbors

      public int connMaxNeighbors
      Maximum number of neighbors returned by nearest neighbor search
    • connMaxNeighborDistance

      public double connMaxNeighborDistance
      Maximum search distance for nearest neighbor search. Units = pixels.
    • gridRequireCornerSquares

      public boolean gridRequireCornerSquares
      If true then a chessboard has to have at least one square which is connected to only one other square. BoofCV's calibration targets requirements this. Other projects might not.
  • Constructor Details

    • ConfigChessboardX

      public ConfigChessboardX()
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