Interface RefineTriangulateEpipolar

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public interface RefineTriangulateEpipolar
Refines the location of a triangulated point using epipolar constraint matrix (Fundamental or Essential). Observations are in pixels if Fundamental matrix is provided, normalized if Essential matrix is provided.
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      boolean process(List<Point2D_F64> observations, List<DMatrixRMaj> fundamentalWorldToCam, Point3D_F64 worldPt, Point3D_F64 refinedPt)
      Refines the triangulated point. NOTE: the epipolar matrix is configured such that x2T*F*x1 = 0, where x1 is the observation in the world frame and x2 in the camera frame.
      observations - Observations of feature in N views. Pixel or Normalized image coordinates.
      fundamentalWorldToCam - Fundamental or essential matrix for each view. World to Camera.
      worldPt - Initial estimate of point in world coordinates.
      refinedPt - The refined estimated point position.
      if successful or not