Class ConfigRecognitionNearestNeighbor

All Implemented Interfaces:
Configuration, Serializable

public class ConfigRecognitionNearestNeighbor extends Object implements Configuration
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  • Field Details

    • kmeans

      public final ConfigKMeans kmeans
      Clustering algorithm used when learning the words
    • nearestNeighbor

      public final ConfigNearestNeighborSearch nearestNeighbor
      Which Nearest Neighbor Algorithm will be used.
    • numberOfWords

      public int numberOfWords
      Number of words in the dictionary
    • distanceNorm

      public BowDistanceTypes distanceNorm
      Specifies which norm to use. L1 should yield better results but is slower than L2 to compute.
    • randSeed

      public long randSeed
      Random number generator seed used when clustering
  • Constructor Details

    • ConfigRecognitionNearestNeighbor

      public ConfigRecognitionNearestNeighbor()
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