Class ConfigComaniciu2003

All Implemented Interfaces:
Configuration, Serializable

public class ConfigComaniciu2003 extends Object implements Configuration
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  • Field Details

    • numSamples

      public int numSamples
      Number of points it samples along each axis of the rectangle. Default is 30.
    • numSigmas

      public double numSigmas
      Used to compute weights. Number of standard deviations away the sides will be from the center. Shouldn't need to tune this. Try 3.
    • numHistogramBins

      public int numHistogramBins
      Number of histogram bins for each band. Try 5
    • maxPixelValue

      public float maxPixelValue
      Largest value a pixel can have. For 8-bit images this is 255. Floating point images are some times normalized to 1.
    • updateHistogram

      public boolean updateHistogram
      If true the histogram will be updated using the most recent image. Try false.
    • meanShiftMaxIterations

      public int meanShiftMaxIterations
      Maximum number of mean-shift iterations. Try 30
    • meanShiftMinimumChange

      public float meanShiftMinimumChange
      Mean-shift will stop when the change is below this threshold. Try 1e-4f
    • scaleWeight

      public float scaleWeight
      Weighting factor which limits the amount it will change the scale. Value from 0 to 1. Closer to 0 the more it will prefer the most recent estimate. Try 0.1
    • scaleChange

      public float scaleChange
      Specifies how much it will scale the region up and down by when testing for a scale change. Allowed values are from 0 to 1, inclusive. 0 means no scale change and 1 is 100% increase and decrease. If no scale change is considered it can run 3x faster. If the target doesn't change scale then the tracker is much more robust. The paper recommends 0.1. By default scale change is set to 0.
    • minimumSizeRatio

      public float minimumSizeRatio
      The scale is allowed to be reduced by this much from the original region which is selected. Default is 0.25
    • interpolation

      public InterpolationType interpolation
      Which interpolation method should it use.
  • Constructor Details

    • ConfigComaniciu2003

      public ConfigComaniciu2003(int numSamples, int numHistogramBins, float scaleWeight)
    • ConfigComaniciu2003

      public ConfigComaniciu2003(boolean estimateScale)
    • ConfigComaniciu2003

      public ConfigComaniciu2003()
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