Interface WaveletTransform<O extends ImageGray<O>,T extends ImageGray<T>,C extends WlCoef>

All Known Implementing Classes:
WaveletTransformFloat32, WaveletTransformInt

public interface WaveletTransform<O extends ImageGray<O>,T extends ImageGray<T>,C extends WlCoef>

Easy to use interface for performing a multilevel wavelet transformations. Internally it handles all buffer maintenance and type conversion. To create a new instance of this interface use FactoryWaveletTransform.

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  • Method Details

    • transform

      T transform(O original, @Nullable T transformed)
      Computes the wavelet transform of the input image. If no output/transform image is provided a new image is created and returned.
      original - Original unmodified image. Not modified.
      transformed - Where the computed transform is stored. If null a new image is created. Modified.
      Wavelet transform.
    • invert

      void invert(T transformed, O original)
      Applies the inverse wavelet transform to the specified image.
      transformed - Wavelet transform of the image. Not modified.
      original - Reconstructed image from transform. Modified.
    • getLevels

      int getLevels()
      Number of levels in the wavelet transform.
      number of levels.
    • getBorderType

      BorderType getBorderType()
      Returns how the borders are handled.
      Type of border used.
    • getDescription

      WaveletDescription<C> getDescription()
      Description of the wavelet.
      wavelet description.
    • getOriginalType

      Class<O> getOriginalType()