Interface GrowBorder<T extends ImageBase<T>,PixelArray>

All Known Subinterfaces:
All Known Implementing Classes:
GrowBorderSB.SB_F32, GrowBorderSB.SB_F64, GrowBorderSB.SB_I_S32, GrowBorderSB.SB_I16, GrowBorderSB.SB_I8, GrowBorderSB.SB_S32, GrowBorderSB.SB_S64

public interface GrowBorder<T extends ImageBase<T>,PixelArray>
Interface for creating a copy of an image with a border added to it. Functions are provided for growing just a single row and column. For an entire image see ImageMiscOps
  • Method Details

    • setBorder

      void setBorder(ImageBorder<T> border)
    • setImage

      void setImage(T image)
    • growRow

      void growRow(int y, int borderLower, int borderUpper, PixelArray output, int offset)
    • growCol

      void growCol(int x, int borderLower, int borderUpper, PixelArray output, int offset)
    • getImageType

      ImageType<T> getImageType()