Class DenoiseVisuShrink_F32

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class DenoiseVisuShrink_F32 extends Object implements DenoiseWavelet<GrayF32>

Classic algorithm for wavelet noise reduction by shrinkage with a universal threshold. Noise is reduced by applying a soft threshold to wavelet coefficients. A method is provided for automatically selecting a reasonable threshold based upon the coefficients statistics.

D. Donoho and I. Johnstone, "Ideal spatial adaption via wavelet shrinkage," Biometrics, Vol. 81, 425-455, 1994

  • Constructor Details

    • DenoiseVisuShrink_F32

      public DenoiseVisuShrink_F32()
  • Method Details

    • denoise

      public void denoise(GrayF32 transform, int numLevels)
      Applies VisuShrink denoising to the provided multilevel wavelet transform using the provided threshold.
      Specified by:
      denoise in interface DenoiseWavelet<GrayF32>
      transform - Mult-level wavelet transform. Modified.
      numLevels - Number of levels in the transform.