Class SgmHelper


public class SgmHelper extends Object
Various helper functions for computing SGM disparities.
  • Field Details

    • width

      public int width
    • disparityMin

      public int disparityMin
    • disparityRange

      public int disparityRange
  • Constructor Details

    • SgmHelper

      public SgmHelper()
  • Method Details

    • configure

      public void configure(int width, int disparityMin, int disparityRange)
    • localDisparityRangeLeft

      public final int localDisparityRangeLeft(int x)
      Number of disparity values that can be considered for this x value along the left side of the image. Values greater than this are out of the right image bounds or greater than 'rangeDisparity'
    • localDisparityRangeRight

      public final int localDisparityRangeRight(int x)
      Same as localDisparityRangeLeft(int) but for the right image boundary