Class CameraToEquirectangular_F64

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class CameraToEquirectangular_F64 extends EquirectangularDistortBase_F64
Given a transform from a pixel to normalized image coordinates or spherical it will define an equirectangular transform.
  • Constructor Details

    • CameraToEquirectangular_F64

      public CameraToEquirectangular_F64()
  • Method Details

    • setCameraModel

      public void setCameraModel(CameraPinholeBrown camera)
    • setCameraModel

      public void setCameraModel(CameraPinhole camera)
    • setCameraModel

      public void setCameraModel(CameraUniversalOmni camera)
    • setCameraModel

      public void setCameraModel(int width, int height, Point2Transform2_F64 pixelToNormalized)
    • setCameraModel

      public void setCameraModel(int width, int height, Point2Transform3_F64 pixelToNSpherical)
    • copyConcurrent

      public CameraToEquirectangular_F64 copyConcurrent()
      Description copied from interface: PixelTransform
      Creates a copy of this transform for use in concurrent application. What that means is that any variable which might be modified by a concurrent call to PixelTransform.compute(int, int, T) is not passed to the 'copied' output. Expensive to compute models might be passed in as a reference.