Class AssociateUniqueByScoreAlg


public class AssociateUniqueByScoreAlg extends Object
If multiple associations are found for a single source and/or destination feature then this ambiguity is removed by selecting the association with the best score. If there are multiple best scores for a single feature index then there are no associations for that feature.
  • Constructor Details

    • AssociateUniqueByScoreAlg

      public AssociateUniqueByScoreAlg(MatchScoreType type, boolean checkSource, boolean checkDestination)
      Configures algorithm.
      type - Used to determine which score is better
      checkSource - Should it check source features for uniqueness
      checkDestination - Should it check destination features for uniqueness
  • Method Details

    • process

      public void process(FastAccess<AssociatedIndex> matches, int numSource, int numDestination)
      Given a set of matches, enforce the uniqueness rules it was configured to.
      matches - Set of matching features
      numSource - Number of source features
      numDestination - Number of destination features
    • getMatches

      public FastAccess<AssociatedIndex> getMatches()
    • checkSource

      public boolean checkSource()
    • checkDestination

      public boolean checkDestination()