Class DescribePointRawPixels<T extends ImageGray<T>,D extends TupleDesc<D>>

Direct Known Subclasses:
ImplDescribePointPixelRegion_F32, ImplDescribePointPixelRegion_U8

public abstract class DescribePointRawPixels<T extends ImageGray<T>,D extends TupleDesc<D>> extends DescribePointRawPixelsRectangle<T>
Describes a rectangular region using its raw pixel intensities. Score between two regions of this type is typically computed using Sum of Absolute Differences (SAD). If the descriptor goes outside of the image bounds those pixels will be set to zero in the descriptor.
  • Constructor Details

    • DescribePointRawPixels

      protected DescribePointRawPixels(int regionWidth, int regionHeight)
  • Method Details

    • process

      public abstract void process(int c_x, int c_y, D desc)
      Extracts the descriptor from the specified point.
      c_x - Center of region descriptor.
      c_y - Center of region descriptor.
      desc - Where the descriptor is written to
    • getDescriptorType

      public abstract Class<D> getDescriptorType()
      The type of region descriptor generated
      Returns the descriptor type.