Class DescribePointSurfPlanar<II extends ImageGray<II>>

Type Parameters:
II - Type of integral image

public class DescribePointSurfPlanar<II extends ImageGray<II>> extends Object
Computes a color SURF descriptor from a Planar image. Each band in the input image is used to compute its own descriptor, which are then combined together into a single one. The laplacian sign is computed from a gray-scale image. The descriptor from each band are not individually normalized. The whole combined descriptor is normalized.
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  • Constructor Details

    • DescribePointSurfPlanar

      public DescribePointSurfPlanar(DescribePointSurf<II> describe, int numBands)
  • Method Details

    • createDescription

      public TupleDesc_F64 createDescription()
    • getDescriptorLength

      public int getDescriptorLength()
    • getDescriptionType

      public Class<TupleDesc_F64> getDescriptionType()
    • setImage

      public void setImage(II grayII, Planar<II> colorII)
      Specifies input image shapes.
      grayII - integral image of gray scale image
      colorII - integral image of color image
    • describe

      public void describe(double x, double y, double angle, double scale, TupleDesc_F64 desc)
    • getDescribe

      public DescribePointSurf<II> getDescribe()
    • getNumBands

      public int getNumBands()
    • copy

      public DescribePointSurfPlanar<II> copy()