Class FactoryBriefDefinition


public class FactoryBriefDefinition extends Object
Creates different brief descriptors. The original paper proposed several different configurations. The best one were randomly generated with a gaussian distribution.
  • Constructor Details

    • FactoryBriefDefinition

      public FactoryBriefDefinition()
  • Method Details

    • gaussian

      public static BinaryCompareDefinition_I32 gaussian(Random rand, int radius, int numPairs)
      Creates a descriptor by randomly selecting points inside a square region using a Gaussian distribution with a sigma of (5/2)*radius. This is done exactly as is described in the paper where twice as many points are sampled as are compared..
      rand - Random number generator.
      radius - Radius of the square region. width = 2*radius+1.
      numPairs - Number of sample point pairs.
      Definition of a BRIEF feature.
    • gaussian2

      public static BinaryCompareDefinition_I32 gaussian2(Random rand, int radius, int numPairs)