Class DetectChessboardCornersXPyramid<T extends ImageGray<T>>


public class DetectChessboardCornersXPyramid<T extends ImageGray<T>> extends Object
Detects chessboard corners at multiple scales. This adds robustness against out of focus images and motion blur. There's also the option to prune corners which are not detected at multiple scales. This is a good way to remove noise since random features are unlikely to have this property.
  • Field Details

    • pyramidTopSize

      public int pyramidTopSize
      minimum number of pixels in the top most level in the pyramid If ≤ 0 then have a single layer at full resolution
    • searchMaxCount

      public int searchMaxCount
      Maximum number of corners it will return in kNN search
    • radius

      public int radius
    • detector

      public DetectChessboardCornersX detector
      Corner detector
    • corners

      public DogArray<ChessboardCorner> corners
      Storage for final output corners
    • imageType

      public ImageType<T extends ImageGray<T>> imageType
  • Constructor Details

    • DetectChessboardCornersXPyramid

      public DetectChessboardCornersXPyramid(DetectChessboardCornersX detector, ImageType<T> imageType)
    • DetectChessboardCornersXPyramid

      public DetectChessboardCornersXPyramid(ImageType<T> imageType)
  • Method Details

    • process

      public void process(T input)
      Detects corner features inside the input gray scale image.
    • getNumberOfLevels

      public int getNumberOfLevels()