Class ImplFastCorner9_F32

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    public class ImplFastCorner9_F32
    extends ImplFastHelper_F32

    Contains logic for detecting fast corners. Pixels are sampled such that they can eliminate the most number of possible corners, reducing the number of samples required.

    DO NOT MODIFY. Generated by GenerateImplFastCorner.

    • Constructor Detail

      • ImplFastCorner9_F32

        public ImplFastCorner9_F32​(float pixelTol)
    • Method Detail

      • checkPixel

        public final int checkPixel​(int index)
        Description copied from interface: FastCornerInterface
        Sets the lower and upper thresholds relative to the current pixel value
        1 = positive corner, 0 = no corner, -1 = negative corner
      • function2

        public final int function2​(int index)
      • function3

        public final int function3​(int index)
      • function4

        public final int function4​(int index)
      • function5

        public final int function5​(int index)
      • function6

        public final int function6​(int index)
      • function7

        public final int function7​(int index)