Interface FastCornerInterface<T extends ImageGray<T>>

All Known Implementing Classes:
ImplFastCorner10_F32, ImplFastCorner10_U8, ImplFastCorner11_F32, ImplFastCorner11_U8, ImplFastCorner12_F32, ImplFastCorner12_U8, ImplFastCorner9_F32, ImplFastCorner9_U8, ImplFastHelper_F32, ImplFastHelper_U8

public interface FastCornerInterface<T extends ImageGray<T>>
Low level interface for specific implementations of Fast Corner detectors.
  • Method Details

    • setImage

      void setImage(T image, int[] offsets)
    • checkPixel

      int checkPixel(int index)
      Sets the lower and upper thresholds relative to the current pixel value
    • scoreLower

      float scoreLower(int index)
    • scoreUpper

      float scoreUpper(int index)
    • setThreshold

      void setThreshold(int index)
    • getImageType

      Class<T> getImageType()
    • newInstance

      FastCornerInterface<T> newInstance()
      Create a new instance of this class for concurrency