Class AztecCode


public class AztecCode extends Object
Information on a detected Aztec Code
  • Field Details

    • dataLayers

      public int dataLayers
      Number of layers or rings outside the locator pattern that data is encoded on
    • messageWordCount

      public int messageWordCount
      Number of code words used to encode the message. Code words have variable bit count.
    • rawbits

      public byte[] rawbits
      The raw byte data encoded into the QR Code. data + ecc
    • corrected

      public byte[] corrected
      Raw byte data after error correction has been applied to it. Only contains the data portion
    • message

      public String message
      The decoded message
    • structure

      public AztecCode.Structure structure
      Which Structure does it have. Determines shape of locator pattern and maximum number of data layers.
    • failure

      public AztecCode.Failure failure
      At what stage did decoding fail at
    • transposed

      public boolean transposed
      True if the marker was incorrectly encoded or is being viewed in a mirror because the bits locations are transposed.
    • totalBitErrors

      public int totalBitErrors
      Number of bit errors detected when apply error correction to the message
    • locator

      public final AztecPyramid locator
      Locations of extern contours around the squares in a locator pattern.
    • bounds

      public Polygon2D_F64 bounds
      Approximate bounding box of the marker. Note that the corners are not directly measured but have to be inferred from other fixed structures. Order: top-left = 0. Top-right = 1, Bottom-Right = 2, Bottom-Left = 3.
    • Hinv

      public Homography2D_F64 Hinv
      A homography transform from grid bit coordinates into image pixels.
  • Constructor Details

    • AztecCode

      public AztecCode()
  • Method Details

    • getMarkerWidthSquares

      public int getMarkerWidthSquares()
      Number of squares (data bits) wide the marker is
    • getLocatorRingCount

      public int getLocatorRingCount()
      Number of rings in the locator pattern
    • getLocatorWidthSquares

      public int getLocatorWidthSquares()
      Number of squares in locator pattern
    • getCapacityBits

      public int getCapacityBits()
      Returns the maximum number of bits that can be encoded. Data and ECC combined
    • getCapacityWords

      public int getCapacityWords()
      Returns the maximum number of codewords that can be stored in the marker.
    • getWordBitCount

      public int getWordBitCount()
      Returns number bits in a code word
    • getWordBitCount

      public static int getWordBitCount(int dataLayers)
    • getCorrectionLevel

      public double getCorrectionLevel()
      Returns ratio of words used for error correction over words used to store data
    • reset

      public void reset()
    • setTo

      public AztecCode setTo(AztecCode src)
    • copy

      public AztecCode copy()