Class AztecMessageErrorCorrection

Direct Known Subclasses:
AztecDecoder, AztecEncoder

public abstract class AztecMessageErrorCorrection extends Object
Contains functions for computing error correction code words and applying error correction to a message
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    • AztecMessageErrorCorrection

      public AztecMessageErrorCorrection()
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    • computeEccWords

      public void computeEccWords(int wordBits, int maxMarkerWords)
      Computes ECC words from storageDataWords and stores them in storageEccWords.
      wordBits - Number of bits in a word
      maxMarkerWords - Maximum number of words that can be stored in the marker
    • applyErrorCorrection

      public boolean applyErrorCorrection(AztecCode marker)
      Applies error correction to the raw data inside the marker and adds the results to the marker while updating metadata such as number of bit errors detected.
      marker - (Input) Marker with raw data (Output) Marker with corrected data
      true if successful