Class AztecMessageModeCodec


public class AztecMessageModeCodec extends Object
Encodes and decodes binary data for mode message
  • Constructor Details

    • AztecMessageModeCodec

      public AztecMessageModeCodec()
  • Method Details

    • encodeMode

      public void encodeMode(AztecCode marker, PackedBits8 bits)
      Encodes the binary data for the mode message for the provided marker. ECC is computed using Reed-Solomon encoding with 4-bit Galois Fields.
      marker - (Input) Marker which is to be encoded
      bits - (Output) Encoded binary data
    • decodeMode

      public boolean decodeMode(PackedBits8 bits, AztecCode marker)
      Applies error correction to bits then decodes the values. Save results into marker. Returns true if successful