Class DetectCircleRegularGrid<T extends ImageGray<T>>


public class DetectCircleRegularGrid<T extends ImageGray<T>> extends DetectCircleGrid<T>

Detects regular grids of circles, see below. A valid grid is in counter-clockwise order and if there are multiple possible solution the solution with corner (0,0) closest to the pixel coordinate (0,0) is selected

For each circle there is are four control points. Each control point corresponds to the tangent line connecting the vertical and horizontal neigbors. Tangent points are used since they are invariant under perspective distortion.

Example of a 6 by 4 grid; row, column.
  • Constructor Details

    • DetectCircleRegularGrid

      public DetectCircleRegularGrid(int numRows, int numCols, InputToBinary<T> inputToBinary, BinaryEllipseDetector<T> ellipseDetector, EllipsesIntoClusters clustering)
      Creates and configures the detector
      numRows - number of rows in grid
      numCols - number of columns in grid
      inputToBinary - Converts the input image into a binary image
      ellipseDetector - Detects ellipses inside the image
      clustering - Finds clusters of ellipses
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