Class ECoCheckFound


public class ECoCheckFound extends Object
Storage for a detected Error COrrecting Checkerboard (ECoCheck) marker found inside an image.
  • Field Details

    • markerID

      public int markerID
      Which marker it came from. -1 if unknown
    • squareRows

      public int squareRows
      Number of square rows in the pattern.
    • squareCols

      public int squareCols
      Number of square columns in the pattern.
    • corners

      public final DogArray<PointIndex2D_F64> corners
      Found calibration corners it was able to observe
    • metadata

      public final DogArray<ChessboardCorner> metadata
      Corner image processing metadata. Provides focus and brightness info
    • touchBinary

      public final DogArray_B touchBinary
      Indicates if a corner was decoded next to an encoding. Very unlikely to be a false positive.
    • decodedCells

      public DogArray_I32 decodedCells
      Cell ID for cells which were successfully decoded.
  • Constructor Details

    • ECoCheckFound

      public ECoCheckFound(ECoCheckFound src)
    • ECoCheckFound

      public ECoCheckFound()
  • Method Details

    • addCorner

      public void addCorner(ChessboardCorner corner, int cornerID)
    • reset

      public void reset()
    • setTo

      public void setTo(ECoCheckFound src)