Class SquareEdge


public class SquareEdge extends Object
Edge in the graph which connects square shapes
  • Field Details

    • a

      public SquareNode a
    • b

      public SquareNode b
    • sideA

      public int sideA
    • sideB

      public int sideB
    • distance

      public double distance
  • Constructor Details

    • SquareEdge

      public SquareEdge()
    • SquareEdge

      public SquareEdge(SquareNode a, SquareNode b, int sideA, int sideB)
  • Method Details

    • destination

      public <T extends SquareNode> T destination(SquareNode src)
      Returns the destination node.
    • destinationSide

      public int destinationSide(SquareNode src)
    • isEndPoint

      public boolean isEndPoint(SquareNode target)
    • reset

      public void reset()
      Discards previous settings.