Class SquareNode

Direct Known Subclasses:
AztecFinderPatternDetector.Layer, PositionPatternNode

public class SquareNode extends Object
Graph representation of square blobs. Each blob can be connected to at most 4 other shapes which are directly adjacent of one of the sides. If lens distortion is known then all coordinates and lengths are in undistorted coordinates. This also means that in the undistorted cases pixels can be outside the image
  • Field Details


      public static final int RESET_GRAPH
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    • square

      public Polygon2D_F64 square
    • touch

      public DogArray_B touch
    • center

      public Point2D_F64 center
    • sideLengths

      public double[] sideLengths
    • largestSide

      public double largestSide
    • smallestSide

      public double smallestSide
    • graph

      public int graph
    • edges

      public SquareEdge[] edges
  • Constructor Details

    • SquareNode

      public SquareNode()
  • Method Details

    • distanceSqCorner

      public double distanceSqCorner(Point2D_F64 p)
      Finds the Euclidean distance squared of the closest corner to point p
    • reset

      public void reset()
      Discards previous information
    • updateArrayLength

      public void updateArrayLength()
    • getNumberOfConnections

      public int getNumberOfConnections()
      Computes the number of edges attached to this node
    • smallestSideLength

      public double smallestSideLength()
    • findEdge

      @Nullable public @Nullable SquareEdge findEdge(SquareNode target)
    • findEdgeIndex

      public int findEdgeIndex(SquareNode target)