Class PackedBits32

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class PackedBits32 extends Object implements PackedBits
Stores a set of bits inside of an int array.
  • Field Details

    • data

      public int[] data
      Integer array used to store bits
    • size

      public int size
      Number of bits stored
  • Constructor Details

    • PackedBits32

      public PackedBits32(int totalBits)
    • PackedBits32

      public PackedBits32()
  • Method Details

    • setTo

      public void setTo(PackedBits32 src)
    • get

      public int get(int which)
      Specified by:
      get in interface PackedBits
    • set

      public void set(int which, int value)
      Specified by:
      set in interface PackedBits
    • resize

      public void resize(int totalBits)
      Specified by:
      resize in interface PackedBits
    • zero

      public void zero()
      Specified by:
      zero in interface PackedBits
    • length

      public int length()
      Specified by:
      length in interface PackedBits
    • arrayLength

      public int arrayLength()
      Specified by:
      arrayLength in interface PackedBits
    • elementBits

      public int elementBits()
      Specified by:
      elementBits in interface PackedBits