Class FiducialSquareHammingGenerator


public class FiducialSquareHammingGenerator extends FiducialImageGenerator
Renders a square hamming fiducial. Bits with a value of 0 are white and bits with a value of 1 are black.
  • Field Details

    • offsetX

      public double offsetX
      The top-left corner of the marker
    • offsetY

      public double offsetY
      The top-left corner of the marker
  • Constructor Details

    • FiducialSquareHammingGenerator

      public FiducialSquareHammingGenerator(ConfigHammingMarker config)
  • Method Details

    • generate

      public void generate(int markerIdx)
    • generateNoInit

      public void generateNoInit(int markerIdx)
    • renderCodes

      public void renderCodes(ConfigHammingMarker.Marker marker)
      Renders unique IDs on all the inner squares