Class ThresholdBlockMinMax_U8

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class ThresholdBlockMinMax_U8 extends ThresholdBlockMinMax<GrayU8,InterleavedU8>
Implementation of ThresholdBlockMinMax for input images of type GrayU8
  • Constructor Details

    • ThresholdBlockMinMax_U8

      public ThresholdBlockMinMax_U8(double minimumSpread, double scale, boolean down)
  • Method Details

    • thresholdBlock

      public void thresholdBlock(int blockX0, int blockY0, GrayU8 input, InterleavedU8 stats, GrayU8 output)
      Description copied from interface: ThresholdBlock.BlockProcessor
      Thresholds all the pixels inside the specified block
      blockX0 - Block x-coordinate
      blockY0 - Block y-coordinate
      input - Input image
      output - Output image
    • createStats

      public InterleavedU8 createStats()
    • computeBlockStatistics

      public void computeBlockStatistics(int x0, int y0, int width, int height, int indexMinMax, GrayU8 input, InterleavedU8 stats)
      Description copied from interface: ThresholdBlock.BlockProcessor
      Computes the min-max value inside a block
      x0 - lower bound pixel value of block, x-axis
      y0 - upper bound pixel value of block, y-axis
      width - Block's width
      height - Block's height
      indexMinMax - array index of statistics image pixel
      input - Input image
    • copy

      Description copied from interface: ThresholdBlock.BlockProcessor
      Creates a copy. For concurrent code