Class ConvolveImageNoBorder


@Generated("boofcv.alg.filter.convolve.GenerateConvolveImageNoBorder") public class ConvolveImageNoBorder extends Object

Provides functions for convolving 1D and 2D kernels across an image, excluding the image border. 1D kernels can either be convolved along each row or column in the image. No checks are done for overflow or underflow.

When convolving with division the convolution is computed as usual, but then the result is divided by the divisor. This is typically done when performing convolution inside of integer images to normalize it by the sum of all the elements in the convolution kernel.

Image Edges: There is no general purpose way for handling convolutions along the image edges. Therefore unless the whole kernel can be convolved image borders are skipped. In special cases where there is a clear way to handle image edges specialized functions are provided.

DO NOT MODIFY. Automatically generated code created by GenerateConvolveImageNoBorder