Interface SteerableKernel<K extends Kernel2D>

All Known Implementing Classes:
SteerableKernel_F32, SteerableKernel_I32

public interface SteerableKernel<K extends Kernel2D>

Computes a 2D kernel for an arbitrary angle using steerable filters. Steerable functions can be computed from a linear combination of rotated basis kernels.

William T. Freeman and Edward H. Adelson, "The Design and Use of Steerable Filters", IEEE Trans. Patt. Anal. and Machine Intell., Vol. 13, No. 9, Sept. 1991

  • Method Details

    • setBasis

      void setBasis(SteerableCoefficients coef, Kernel2D... basis)
      Compute the steerable filter.
      coef - Coefficients for each basis.
      basis - Kernels which form the basis for the steerable filter.
    • compute

      K compute(double angle)
      Computes the kernel at the specified angle.
      angle - Angle the kernel should be pointed at.
      The computed kernel. Data is recycled each time compute is called.
    • getBasisSize

      int getBasisSize()
    • getBasis

      K getBasis(int index)