Class ImplAverageDownSampleN_MT


public class ImplAverageDownSampleN_MT
extends Object

Implementation of AverageDownSampleOps specialized for square regions of width N.

DO NOT MODIFY. This code was automatically generated by GenerateImplAverageDownSampleN.

  • Constructor Details

    • ImplAverageDownSampleN_MT

      public ImplAverageDownSampleN_MT()
  • Method Details

    • down

      public static void down​(GrayU8 input, int sampleWidth, GrayI8 output)
    • down

      public static void down​(GrayS8 input, int sampleWidth, GrayI8 output)
    • down

      public static void down​(GrayU16 input, int sampleWidth, GrayI16 output)
    • down

      public static void down​(GrayS16 input, int sampleWidth, GrayI16 output)
    • down

      public static void down​(GrayS32 input, int sampleWidth, GrayS32 output)
    • down

      public static void down​(GrayF32 input, int sampleWidth, GrayF32 output)
    • down

      public static void down​(GrayF64 input, int sampleWidth, GrayF64 output)