Class ImageLocalNormalization<T extends GrayF<T>>


public class ImageLocalNormalization<T extends GrayF<T>> extends Object
Provides different functions for normalizing the spatially local statics of an image.
  • Field Details

    • adjusted

      protected T extends GrayF<T> adjusted
    • localMean

      protected T extends GrayF<T> localMean
    • pow2

      protected T extends GrayF<T> pow2
    • localPow2

      protected T extends GrayF<T> localPow2
    • imageType

      protected Class<T extends GrayF<T>> imageType
  • Constructor Details

    • ImageLocalNormalization

      public ImageLocalNormalization(Class<T> imageType, BorderType borderType)
      Configures normalization
      imageType - Type of input image
      borderType - How image borders are handled. BorderType.NORMALIZED is recommended
  • Method Details

    • zeroMeanStdOne

      public void zeroMeanStdOne(Kernel1D kernel, T input, double maxPixelValue, double delta, T output)
    • zeroMeanStdOne

      public void zeroMeanStdOne(int radius, T input, double maxPixelValue, double delta, T output)
    • getImageType

      public Class<T> getImageType()