Class NormalizedToPinholePixelError


public class NormalizedToPinholePixelError extends Object
Simple function for converting error in normalized image coordinates to pixels using intrinsic camera parameters. Better to use tested code than cut and pasting.
  • Constructor Details

    • NormalizedToPinholePixelError

      public NormalizedToPinholePixelError(double fx, double fy, double skew)
    • NormalizedToPinholePixelError

      public NormalizedToPinholePixelError()
  • Method Details

    • setTo

      public void setTo(double fx, double fy, double skew)
      Specify camera intrinsic parameters
      fx - focal length x
      fy - focal length y
      skew - camera skew
    • errorSq

      public double errorSq(Point2D_F64 a, Point2D_F64 b)
    • errorSq

      public double errorSq(double a_x, double a_y, double b_x, double b_y)
    • residuals

      public void residuals(Point2D_F64 a, Point2D_F64 b, Point2D_F64 error)
      Computes the residuals along x and y
    • residuals

      public void residuals(double a_x, double a_y, double b_x, double b_y, Point2D_F64 error)
      Computes the residuals along x and y