Class ScoreCalibrationFill


public class ScoreCalibrationFill extends Object
Computes a score for amount of coverage across the image, with independent scores for the border region and inner image. All the regions which are not filled can be computed also. Score is simply fraction of specified region filled. A region is filled if a single point occupies it. Size of regions along the border and inner image can be specified different. Regions will have a rectangular shape as the scale factor is determined by the image's aspect ratio.
  • Field Details

    • borderExtent

      public final ConfigLength borderExtent
      How close to the edge a point needs is to be considered along the image border. If relative, then it's relative to the average side length
    • regionsBorder

      public int regionsBorder
      Number of regions the border along each side will be broken up into
    • regionsInner

      public int regionsInner
      Number of regions along one axis the inner image is broken up into
    • actualBorderPx

      public int actualBorderPx
      actual distance from border of control points
    • unoccupiedRegions

      public final DogArray<ScoreCalibrationFill.RegionInfo> unoccupiedRegions
      Storage for unoccupied regions. Must be updated by calling updateUnoccupied()
    • imageWidth

      protected int imageWidth
      Shape of expected image
    • imageHeight

      protected int imageHeight
      Shape of expected image
    • innerWidth

      protected int innerWidth
      image shape minus the border
    • innerHeight

      protected int innerHeight
      image shape minus the border
  • Constructor Details

    • ScoreCalibrationFill

      public ScoreCalibrationFill()
  • Method Details

    • initialize

      public void initialize(int width, int height)
      Resets and initializes for an image of the specified shape
    • addObservation

      public void addObservation(List<PointIndex2D_F64> obs)
      See if any observed calibration points hit a target. if so remove the target.
    • updateUnoccupied

      public void updateUnoccupied()
      Updates list of unoccupied regions