Class FundamentalExtractEpipoles


public class FundamentalExtractEpipoles extends Object

Extracts the epipoles from an essential or fundamental matrix. The epipoles are extracted from the left and right null space of the provided matrix. Note that the found epipoles are in homogeneous coordinates. If the epipole is at infinity then z=0

Left: e2T*F = 0
Right: F*e1 = 0

  • Constructor Details

    • FundamentalExtractEpipoles

      public FundamentalExtractEpipoles()
  • Method Details

    • process

      public void process(DMatrixRMaj F, @Nullable @Nullable Point3D_F64 e1, @Nullable @Nullable Point3D_F64 e2)
      Extracts the left and right epipoles.
      F - (Input) Fundamental matrix
      e1 - (Output) right null space. Can be null.
      e2 - (Output) left null space. Can be null.