Class SelfCalibrationBase

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public class SelfCalibrationBase extends Object
view[0] is assumed to the located at coordinate system's origin.

w* = P Q*PT

TODO Describe TODO constant internal parameters TODO aspect ratio and known skew TODO
  • Constructor Details

    • SelfCalibrationBase

      public SelfCalibrationBase()
  • Method Details

    • addCameraMatrix

      public void addCameraMatrix(DMatrixRMaj viewI)
      Adds a projective transform which describes the relationship between a 3D point viewed in the view[i] and a projection viewed by a camera located at the origin. The projective is defined as P[i]=[A[i] | a[i]] where P is 3 by 4 matrix.
      viewI - projective matrix representing the transform from the current camera to the coordinate system's origin. 3 x 4. A copy is saved internally.
    • addCameraMatrix

      public void addCameraMatrix(List<DMatrixRMaj> viewI_to_view0)
    • encodeQ

      public static void encodeQ(DMatrix4x4 Q, double[] param)
    • computeW

      public void computeW(SelfCalibrationBase.Projective P, DMatrix4x4 Q, DMatrixRMaj w_i)
    • getMinimumProjectives

      public int getMinimumProjectives()
      Minimum number of cameras required to estimate the parameters.